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Sienna Miller: I Wouldn't Be A Slut If I Had A Penis 04.Aug.2009

Not her first time in latexTrue, that. If Serial Miller was a guy she'd be a "legendary Hollywood lothario" or some other happy horseshit. It's always been that way through history: A married man who cheats is just a man with needs; the woman he beds is just a slut.

Be that as it may, Sienna's current status as a philandering whore has nothing to do with gender. If she was someone's wife and mother of their four children and Balthazar was frolicking topless with her every chance he got, he'd be equally guilty. Especially if he went back for seconds. And fifths. And tenths. You get the picture.

Sienna did a recent interview where she tried once again to blame the paparazzi for her tattered reputation. It's apparently all their fault that she chose to very publicly cavort with a very married man, who just happens to have a very powerful wife. Said powerful wife has made her a nobody on the social circuit. Worse than, actually. Rosetta and Balthazar are not going to divorce. They're too good for each other. Once again, Sienna's odd man out, and once GI Joe bombs she'll be back in London where they like to take her picture. She's done on this side of the pond.