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The Twilight Kids Are Back To Work And Nikki Reed Is Rather Annoying. 12.Mar.2009

TwilightersThe Twilight cast is back in Vancouver to film the sequel, New Moon. The press this film is getting is ridiculous. And the press the third film is getting is even more ridiculous since that one isn't even in production yet. So as you can see the cast is already being stalked which means we will know the plot of the film before the film comes out. For you die-hard fans out there. Twilight will come out on DVD at 12:01 AM on March 21.

I was thinking Nikki Reed was just a pretty face but it turns out she is a pretty face and an idiot who thinks she has made sacrifices because she dyed her brown hair bleached-blonde. Here is a thought, when you are supposed to be casting a beautiful white-haired girl don't cast a brunette just because she is your step-daughter Catherine Hardwicke! But basically if Catherine Hardwicke does a movie there is a clause that says Nikki Reed has to be in it no matter how talented she is not. Anyway, in an interview Nikki informed the public that she would not be dying her hair for the sequel but would be wearing a wig because it was just too painful to dye it again. Apparently, she was bleeding or something and had dye on her hands.Nikki Reed