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Halle Berry Not Happy About Babydaddy's New Porn Star/attention Whore Heifer, Doesn't Want Nahla Keeping Up 06.Dec.2010

Stay away from my little girl, bitchAs in, With the Kardashians. In plain English, I think Halle will beat all three of those shiny-vadged bitches and their mama too if they think they can drag her daughter anywhere near that trash they call a show. I mean, Halle is an Academy Award-winning actress. She was also the worst Catwoman in the history of film, but hey, everyone makes mistakes.

Another mistake Halle may think she's made is with Gabriel Aubry, that divinely hot piece of manmeat she made a baby with. Things didn't work out for Hal and Gabe and they went their separate ways: Halle to Olivier Martinez (what I'd call a unilateral move - equally hot), and Gabe to ... Kim Kardashian. Huh? How could you go from that to this? That's like trading in your Lexus for a badly-beaten Cavalier. Or settling for a grilled cheese when you've been getting prime rib. Just not the same.

Halle's chief concern is Kim's fame whoring anything-for-a-buck-and-a-pic mentality rubbing off on her precious Nahla, who she has fiercely shielded from publicity. She's worried they'll drag her little girl into their tawdry world, and she's furious with Gabriel for bringing Nahla into it. She's also said to be hurt that he went after a woman so much younger than her after insisting throughout their relationship that age didn't matter to him. It probably didn't, and I can understand where she's coming from, but so what? She's so much more beautiful than Kim with all her Botox and Spanx could ever be. And she's actually an actress, a professional, where Kim does ... nothing. She's famous for a "leaked" (read: made her rich) sex tape and being friends with Paris Hilton. She's got stripper poles in her house. I wouldn't want my daughter around that shit either.