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Afraid That Justin Will Blacklist Her, Lindsay Retweets Her Rast Trashing 02.Jul.2009

Never forget, or never learnIt must suck to wake up after blowing your brains out all night to discover you bitchslapped one of the most powerful (and vindictive) names in entertainment. Again. First she tried to out him as a cheater; then she called JT's line, William Rast, low-rent. Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?

Well the little Blohan must have shit a brick when she realized what she'd done. And she's gotta know that if she keeps baiting him he's going to start making some phone calls. Then she'll have to get arrested again to get her picture taken.

Hoping it won't come to that, Lindsay extended her deepest, most heartfelt apology today - via Twitter, of course: ? i am sorry for the unnecessary comment-wasn't meant to be a jab, i have some william rast & it's great-was a friends words and my 6126 leggings are in Macy's West and they've been great to work with? . Silly girl. Wonder how long it will take her to get fired from her upcoming film.