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Kind Words From Joan Collins On Adele & Kate Winslet 13.Sep.2011

The amazing Joan Collins remains one of the world's most glamorous stars. Collins had some harsh words for some of the stars of today in regards to fashion, etiquette and glamor.

Take it away Joan : On Gwyneth Paltrow: ? Is she the one who called her grandmother a rude word on air? ? she asks, dismissively. ? I thought that was pretty shocking.?

On Kiera Knightley? ? Well, she? s thin,? is all Joan will say.

On Carey Mulligan? ? I don? t want to comment on Carey Mulligan,? she remarks sadly, before proceeding to do just that. ? I can? t believe she? s playing Eliza Doolittle in a new movie.?

On Kate Winslet: I move on and show her a picture of Kate Winslet taken a few days earlier at the Venice Film Festival. She lets out a huge sigh. ? Oh, that? s a dreadful dress. The worst dress. And ghastly shoes and an awful hairstyle. I? m sorry.? She shakes her head.

On Adele: ? She? s a very good singer, very, very talented, but she has a terrible hairpiece.? Joan, a self-confessed wig wearer, knows a lot about hairpieces.

On Kate Moss: She is ? OK, but she? s not Linda Evangelista in my mind? .

On Victoria Beckham: ? Oh I love Victoria Beckham. You? ve finally found someone I like.?