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Somehow I Don't Think Lindsay's Rehab Program Is Adiquite 16.Mar.2009

They'll never take me aliveLohan logic: If the folks at the rehab are busting your balls because you're obviously not sober you simply switch programs. I don't know how this girl hasn't violated her probation already: she drove herself to Vegas just last week - she only has a conditional license and is only allowed to drive to and from work.

On Friday the Beverly Hills PD announced they had a warrant for her arrest. So what did she do? She went to her favorite party place, the Chateau Marmont (where she was once found passed out in a stairwell) and tied one on, then went to Jack Nicholson's to party for another six hours or so before crawling back to Sam. Hence the huge brawl they had.

Lindsay's next major meltdown is no longer a matter of if, it's when it happens, and it will be ugly. She is totally out of control, and all signs indicate that Sam is a willing and able partner in the rampant substance abuse. Remember how they were just in London to "work"? Check out this blind item: "About two weeks ago at Bungalow 8 in London, there was a table of three which consisted of a dropping like a stone actress, her girlfriend? , and the brother of the girlfriend. Unlike most tales of powdery substances in a club, this one didn't involve the bathroom. Instead, whoever was running the club that evening decided that the two women could use the room marked staff every 20-30 minutes for their activity. It does make it much easier if you are provided a space other than the back of a toilet or the bathroom counter. For the record, the brother didn't touch the stuff."

What's it gonna take to get this pathetic slag back into rehab? Probably her next arrest ... or even worse. A body can't take that kind of abuse forever, and she already looks twice her age.