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Is Justin Timberlake In Love With Jessica Biel? 26.May.2007

Justin Timberlake is said to be falling in love with Jessica Biel since she visited him in Europe getting his Shrek on. This is a really odd couple. Bielberlake? Justin has never done anything for me. While I will admit that he's extremely talented and his music is very good, I'm still waiting to see what happens when he finishes puberty and his voice changes. Besides, he's been exposed to those Cameron Man Hands Diaz cooties, and you know you can never get that smell out of your clothes.

Jessica is a beautiful girl who's very athletic and pumps some serious weight. She looks like she could pick Justin up with one hand, tuck him under her arm like an evening clutch and head off for a ten-mile hike. I can't believe he isn't afraid of her ... or maybe he is.

While the couple has been on and off for quite some time, things are said to be heating up again recently, with Justin said to be smitten for Jessica's bi's, tri's and smoldering bedroom eyes. I guess he's just one of those guys who likes a meaty girl.