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It's 11:00 Pm. Tara Reid Is Getting Hammered Somewhere, Wondering If Anyone's Seen Her Liver 07.Apr.2008

Have you seen my liver? She's skeptical about the whole liver thing at this point. I mean, really. If she actually did have one of those liver things, and it did work the way it was supposed to, she would have killed hers years ago, and in turn, it would have cheerfully killed her. Since she's still alive and kicking (sometimes with both feet, we've heard!) Tara thinks her liver lives with the Tooth Fairy.

As much as we like to poke fun at Tara (but only from a safe distance or behind one of those shields riot police use), she's one of the luckier flashes in the pan in recent years. The only movie of note she ever did was American Pie, yet she still lives quite comfortably. She must have some good financial advisors, because she's invested most of her earnings in real estate, which has paid off well for her. She also owns a restaurant, Catsup, somewhere in California, so she can enjoy some steady income without having to rise before sundown. It's important that Tara sleep all day; hard drinkers are the nastiest mornings after, with or without their alleged livers.