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Jlo And Skeletor Raising Max And Emme Without Nanny, Only Jlo Is Allowed To Sleep 31.May.2008

I swear I'll be better next timeAt least at night, because he's got the night shift, 10 PM to 8 AM, while Mama gets her beauty rest. That's not a big deal for Marc: He obviously doesn't need beauty sleep (beyond redemption) and he doesn't seem to like sunlight for some reason.

Jennifer and Marc's nanny "abruptly left" in April, and since then they've been going it alone, caring for their two babies all by themselves. Aren't you proud of them? Those poor, megarich billionaires living in a mansion in Muttontown, with nothing but the finest, most luxurious amenities to protect them from the real world. Unlike other celebrity mommies, according to her skeletal husband, Jennifer is feeding, changing and really taking care of her babies, and is "a gem to watch". Hmm. Wonder what that's supposed to mean.

Marc told Billy Bush that Jennifer has three movies lined up and is eager to get back to work - I BET she is - but that for now he's content to keep her out of the spotlight, safely ensconced behind a truckload of diapers, strapped to her breast pump for another six months or so. It's just as well; I don't know if we could take another JLo movie.