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The Lohan Chronicles: Lindsay Tries To Protect Ali From Mom, Teaches Her How To Dress Like 40 Year Old Cokewhore 11.Mar.2008

Old before their timeIf nothing else, Lindsay certainly has that down pat. It's hard to believe she's only 21. It's even harder to believe that Ali is only 14. Look what living with White Oprah has done to her - she already looks like she's pushing 30.

While Lindsay tries to cast a protective arm around her plainly befuddled little sister, their mother continues to stalk them with her camera crew, determined to get that money shot of Lindsay for her upcoming reality show. She tried to crash a party Lindsay was throwing at her NYC penthouse this week, and Lindsay threw her out after 20 minutes (read: told her to buy her own stuff).

Lindsay is battling on a number of fronts these days. She's keeping sober some of the time - probably every other day - while she desperately looks for another role to put her back in good standing with the film industry. Appearing on any reality show would destroy that; even her father knows that. But White Oprah promised E that Lindsay would be involved, so her back's against the wall. Should she sell out her daughter for her show, or step back and allow her to continue her recovery? Knowing her, she'll crash Lindsay's next party with a bottle of vodka, an eightball ... and her camera crew, of course. Mother knows best.