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Jack Russell Rescue: Help Save Defenseless Pup From Smothering By Giant Breast 30.Jan.2008

If I bite it, will it pop? Look how he struggles to be free! Poor little guy has his whole life ahead of him. Will no one save him from this hideous fate? You know silicon doesn't breathe like real living tissue does.

It really bugs me when celebrities use little dogs as fashion accessories, although Mimi seems to really love her little Jack, and if she pampers him the way she pampers herself he's living in the lap of luxury. So to speak.

I wonder if Jack gets a fresh towel every time he goes wee-wee. I do know that Jack flies first class, in a private cabin with his amply proportioned mistress. Mariah says it's because she doesn't trust strangers who might "feed him or something" - because we all know she gets first dibs on any edibles headed that way.