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The Lohan Chronicles: Lindsay Recovers In Seclusion, Dina Gets Sued And Michael Still Jobless Loser. Cue The Violins. 03.Aug.2007

This is the best Dina picture ever. Totally blows away any of Lindsay's dramatic pap shots.Fisted?

As Lindsay recovers somewhere in seclusion (most likely Betty Ford Institute, but no one's confirming, and thankfully, they're leaving her alone), her parents continue their assholery. At their appearance in divorce court this past week, the exasperated judge even went so far as to order the Anti-Parents into therapy. Oh, sure, that'll help. Dina the Mother Who Doesn't is also being sued by a record producer in Vegas who claims she owes him $400,000 for a record deal that was never consummated. Dina's lawyer tried to play it down as an unpaid loan, but I don't think that's going to work. Either way, she's got to pay it back. Is that why she finally flew out to see Lindsay a mere ten days after her arrest? Mommy just needs a little loan, honey. If Lindsay's smart, she'll turn off her phone and refuse to see her.

Hopefully Lindsay can finally get cleaned up so she can rebuild her career. She's already lost out on some prime movie roles, and now that she's not working, the offers will begin to dwindle. Even when she gets out production companies will be leery of her, at least for longer than the 11 days it took her to melt down last time. She may still have Jil Stuart, but she's burned her bridge at Louis Vuitton. She did a photo shoot for Elle two months ago where she, like Britney, left with samples the couture house lent for the shoot. She did not return their calls either, so now she's persona non gratis.