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Too Little, Too Late, And Much Too Lame: Chris Brown Finally Issues A Pathetic Apology 20.Jul.2009

See ya, scumbag!He's not ashamed of what he's done. Not really. He has yet to show any genuine remorse, shed a tear or try to make up for what he's done. He's only just realizing he has no career left; that's what this is all about.

Chris Brown, poster child for domestic abusers nationwide, decided to release a videotaped apology on his lame-ass website today. In a two-minute whine-athon, Brown even claimed that he wanted to apologize months ago but his lawyers wouldn't let him. That's what you pay them for, asshole. Somebody's gotta do the thinking around there - you're too busy hanging out in clubs and spending all your money on lame-ass jewelry.

Punk ass Brown says he has "sought, and I'm continuing to seek, help to assure what occurred in February cannot happen again." Um, yeah. If he means that he'll never be invited to the Grammies and he'll never date Rihanna again, he's absolutely right. If he means he's learned a lesson, I doubt it.