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Nicole And Joel Steal A Little Oscar Thunder: They're Pregnant Again! 22.Feb.2009

Make room for one moreHarlow will make an excellent big sister. Proud daddy Joel made the announcement on Good Charlotte's website, saying that "God has truly blessed" his family.

I thought it was kind of funny that this statement was released on the same day the Razzies were announced, and that Mom's former BFF got one for every role she played last year. Way. To. Go.

It's ironic: A few years ago Nicole was the sidekick and had to content herself with living in Wonky's shadow. Now Nicole is straight A-list and Paris is back in the nosebleed seats - when she's allowed in the door. At least Nicole and Joel don't have to be nice to her anymore, now that Benji's come to his senses and gave her the boot.