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People Are Dying To Be On America's Got Talent. What Killed Laura Finley? 25.Oct.2010

The FinleysLaura Finley was the wife of a guy named Joe, who traveled to LA to audition for America's Got Talent. I'm not sure where they're from or what Joe's genre is (first guess: Billy Ray Cyrus), but they sure looked like a happy couple in this picture. Joe and Laura apparently liked to party, and they liked their E (Ecstasy), too. The night before auditions they apparently whooped it up large, and the next morning Joe woke up and Laura was gone. Poof. Just. Like. That.

Poor Joe must have been freaking out. He admits that the night before they were "partying, (they) took ecstasy but it wasn? t out of control". He says they went to a jazz bar, on a tour of the hotel, then back to their room to bed for the night. You know, because people who party and do E are just so laid back, they can drop off to sleep in the blink of an eye. Anyway, Joe says when he woke up and his beloved was not there, he just assumed she went to get breakfast. He got dressed, grabbed the rest of the E and headed off to his audition. He did happen to mention his wife was missing to the front desk as he left, because they searched the building and found her in a stairwell, allegedly in her underwear. When LAPD questioned Joe, he confessed their illicit activities the night before; they searched him, found his E and arrested him. He may or may not be a person of interest, depending on who you ask.

So what happened to Laura? Radar says she somehow fell from the 11th floor to the third. I guess she went over the handrail and ... No. I'm not gonna say it. Was she on a bad trip? Wacked out from being up all night? Or is it something darker, more sinister? Joe says he and Laura were married 26 years and she just wouldn't wander off on her own. Yet that didn't keep him from his audition. That's right, even as hotel security was searching the building Joe was on line, waiting for his chance in the spotlight. Now his wife is dead and he won't shut up. No word on whether he made the cut, either.