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Katie Holmes Starts To Step Out Of Stepford. Will Church Of Scientology Choke Her Back Down Again? 12.Sep.2007

Damn, it's good to see her come out of that stupor, isn't it? Kick his ass, girlfriend! You've got at least six inches on him.

STFU, little man. Srsly.

That is some "are you nuts? !? " face. I'd love to know what Tom said to get that reaction. Too bad we can't see Suri's face, but it looks like she's totally tuned both of them out. That's probably for the best.

The tabloids have been running stories about Katie asserting herself more in the marriage, and this picture would certainly seem to support that. It's a far cry from their annoyingly creepy couch-jumping tonsil-wrestling days, but refreshingly honest. Even in the best marriages couples can disagree; the experts agree that it's healthy to let them work it out if they can.

Regardless of what the tabloids might say, don't look for Katie to make a break for freedom any time soon. Loyal to her Catholic upbringing, she will stick it out and weather whatever storms may come their way. Stories persist of their having separate bedrooms, though, and somehow that doesn't seem so farfetched. A little guy with a monstrous Napoleon complex needs his space, and I'm sure she needs a break now and then.

Still, the look on her face in this shot suggests she is no longer starstruck over her husband, and is instead contemplating some form of corporal punishment. I wonder if Madge will let her borrow the Penetrator?