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Why The Call Girl Took The Train: Spitzer Liked A Little Pokey-pokey, Spanky-spanky 26.Apr.2008

You have no idea how sick I really amEliot is a dark and twisted little man. As more and more revelations of his peculiar peccadilloes come to light, an image is beginning to form, not just of a pathologically unfaithful husband but one who enjoyed deviant fetishes. Oddly enough, people seem to dwell on the fact that he kept his socks on - but that's only because he felt he was in a dirty place.

A big tip-off that Eliot's tryst with Ashley in DC was not for conventional relations is that she traveled by train, not plane, from New York. Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, says that's because she was bringing a few toys. "I guarantee you she took the train to see Eliot because she was carrying restraints, handcuffs, cattle prods, drugs ... all the stuff you can't get on a plane."

Here's what I want to know: Did Silda know how Eliot likes to roll? Or is it a dirty little secret he's kept from her all these years (hence the socks)? He could be of the school of thought that the wife is home for babymaking and he has to go outside to get his kicks. Or he could be like that at home, too. Now there's a chilling thought.