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The Lohan Chronicles: Thank Goodness For Implants. Otherwise Lindsay Would Look Like A Pipe Cleaner 29.Jan.2009

Watch and learn, little girlSpeaking of implants, look at Ali's chesticles: Either she's wearing one helluva wonder bra or Mom got her boobs done, too. Orange Op must be on some kind of binge - or may even be in rehab; we haven't heard a peep out of her in months. Is that why Ali moved in with Lindsay? And if so, where's Cody?

Whatever the reason, there may be good reason for concern about the lifestyle these girls are leading, or the example Lindsay's setting for the little sister who worships the ground she walks on. In her eyes, Lindsay is still the star she was before the DUI's, rehabs and bad movies. She doesn't see the trouble her sister is in. She thinks all those bones sticking out are cool.

But not sleeping or eating is so uncool. So is sawing at your arms with a butter knife for attention. Staying with someone who's not good for you because they take care of you is weak and stupid. But doing all that in front of an impressionable teenage girl from an unstable family is the worst thing of all, because unless Ali is different from the other Lohans, sooner or later she's going to pick up that straw, too. I bet she'll give Sis a run for her money when she does.