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Whatever You Do, Don't Call That Feisty Little Midget A Washed-up Coke Hag. She Will Go Off 13.Nov.2008

Hayden Or Lindsay? Have to smell the handI can kinda understand where Hayden is coming from. Who would want to be mistaken for a drunk and drug addict who's had sex with practically every breathing man on practically every continent of the Earth? Someone who has forced millions to gaze upon her pasty, rode hard and put away self? Most importantly, someone whose career peaked at 17? !?

Hayden was outraged when a fan called her Lindsay outside a store in LA recently. She stomped up to them and screamed, ? Don? t EVER call me that again! You have NO idea what an insult that is!? Then she turned around and stomped off as fast as her stumpy little legs would carry her.

What's funny is that this is not the first time Hayden was mistaken for Lindsay by well-meaning fans. They must have been looking at her from the rear, though. From the front no one could confuse Hayden's little boy chest with Blohan's overinflated fun bags.