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Ashlee Simpson Completes Evolution From Booty Call To Betrothed: What Are They Holding Over Pete's Head? 09.Apr.2008

The future Mr. and Mrs. WentzOh, for the love of ... ahh, forget about it. She earned it.

When Ashlee and Pete first became an item, he wouldn't even admit knowing her, never mind being all up in that. Pete's always been kind of nervous around Papa Joe; he's seen first-hand the iron hold he has on his daughters' careers and the effect that has had on their careers (not good).

He did everything he could to discourage Team Simpson: he took Ashlee to dive bars and got her embarrassingly and very publicly blind drunk; he never let her be photographed touching him; he even talked about his penchant for kissing other men. Papa Joe flipped the f**k out, but Ashlee fell even more in love with him. For the past year or so Pete just seemed to be coasting in the relationship, almost as if he were biding his time until he found an opportunity to escape.

Sadly, that window of opportunity may have just been nailed shut and bricked over. Today Pete and Ashlee announced their engagement. I wonder what happened - is she pregnant? Is he pregnant? What kind of dirt is Papa Joe holding on Pete? Or vice versa?