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Lindsay Lohan Can't Even Rob Herself Right, Takes Underaged, Underdressed Little Sis Clubbing 07.Sep.2009

Y'know, at first I didn't think she was really stupid enough to rob herself to cover the $2 million in jewels that she had to give her dealer to pay off her tab ... but check out the photographic evidence (thanks, Celebitchy): Sure looks like her ...

Is this like the perfect crime, or what? The thieves didn't take her allegedly extensive sex tape collection, though, so at least she has another revenue stream to fall back on when funds dry up again. In the meantime, she's not sitting around feeling sorry for herself. Oh, no, not our Blohan. She's been partying up a storm - and now that Ali's 16, apparently she's old enough to join her, according to the Lohan playbook. The incredibly haggard sisters partied up a storm at Hollywood hotspot Teddy's until the wee hours. Gee, their parents must be so proud.