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Horny Old Coot Larry King's Wife Must Still Be Unhappy About His Affair With Little Sis, Overdoses On Pills 08.Jun.2010

In the doghouse again? I thought these crazy kids had decided to work things out. Larry and Shawn announced their plans to icksnay on the ivorceday on May 12. The event in question happened on May 28. Shawn wasn't home in LA with Larry; she was in Utah with her dad. What's the deal, people? !?

Here's what we know so far: 911 tapes were released today of Shawn's father calling for help after finding his daughter unconscious and all f**ked up from pills. The dad said that she had "overmedicated", and that he didn't think she did it on purpose. Shawn has a long history of prescription drug abuse. If she was medicated for anxiety or depression, as her father claims, you'd think they'd have her on something she couldn't get into trouble with. Then again, with the way pillpopping celebrities are dropping like flies, who knows?

There's no word on where Shawn is right now, whether she's still hospitalized or off rehabbing somewhere. There's also no comment from Camp King at all. Sure makes you wonder what she might have found out - what would make her bolt to Utah and then binge on pills? Something tells me her husband's wandering, withered dick (EWWW!!!) got him into dickens again. That must be devastating to Shawn. Her ancient, shriveled husband ditching her for her hotter young sister, time and time again. I don't care how many houses he's given her; that kind of betrayal could make anyone suicidal. And not just by Larry. Little sis must be some piece of work to keep sticking it to her like that.