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Courtney Love To Go Off Her Meds To Stop Sucking 20.Dec.2008

CourtneyAt least her music will. As a person it doesn't matter what she does - she'll always be a stump.

Courtney is not a nice person. I'm not into conspiracy theories, and I don't think she had anything to do with Kurt Cobain's death other than driving him to it, but her music has sucked since his death. Her first album, Live Through This, released after his death, was good. I still have it. Her subsequent discs, however, have just plain sucked. Dull, uninspired, flat-as-a-flapjack bad.

Courtney tried everything - changing managers, changing band members, even repeated cosmetic surgeries - and her music still sucked. She couldn't figure it out. (She's not terribly bright.) Suddenly it hit her: it was the meds. She had no angst, no anger, no tale of woe; it had all been Prozac'd out of her. There was only one thing to do - she decided to stop taking anti-depressants to get back in touch with her inner psychosis. Considering the pharmaceutical cornucopia she's been known to cart around, that might not be a bad idea, but if I were her manager, I'd be looking into body armor.