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Amy Winehouse Won't Have To Share Until Christmas. Neither Will Blake 17.Sep.2008

Not happy together, not happy apartAh, but will she even live that long? That girl is a mess. We're talking soup sandwich here. Just when you think she couldn't get any worse we see things like this. And this. Just load up her freezer with ice pops and keep the crackle coming, and maybe she'll stay inside a little longer.

Seriously, why is no one helping this girl? I know I've said it again and again, but I can't imagine there is nothing in British law books that would allow her parents to intervene before it's too late. Then again, they seem more enablers than rescuers. Amy was drinking and partying hard before she met Blake. He just showed her how to take it to the next level ... then told her to keep the flame burning until he came home.

Unfortunately for Amy, she'll have to keep that pipe stoked all by herself a little bit longer. Blake could have been released this week if he had agreed to live with his mother, wear an electronic tag and be in every night by 7:00 pm. That would mean he'd have to stay clean, and why should he start now? Blake declined the offer, and will now stay in the pokey until December.