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Lindsay Not Ready To Rock The Straight Life: Cancels Birthday At Pure, Extends Rehab Stay. 20.Jun.2007

Could it be that Lindsay is finally taking rehab seriously? Does she really want to get well, or is she just worried about the drug and DUI charges hanging over her head? Only Lindsay knows for sure, but I'm betting her lawyer and publicist had more to do with this decision than any sense of self-preservation she may have left.

I've got the spins. What a rush.

Lindsay's bod looks great in this picture, right? It's part of a shoot taken by none other than Bryan Adams - yes, the "Cuts Like A Knife" Bryan Adams, the same guy at whose home Lindsay was cut by a flying tea saucer last year, requiring a trip to hospital and several stitches on the leg. Or so they say. I've never seen any scars on her legs, only freckles. Maybe she had other issues. I did notice that none of the shots in Bryan's series are close-ups - she looks totally wasted, dunzo, in the few where you can see her eyes.

So the Pure gig is off, at least for now. They had already paid Lindsay for the chance to watch her drink herself stupid, so she just agreed to make an appearance there some time in the future. And speaking of future, what does Lindsay's hold in store for her? The endorsement deals have dried up completely. It is questionable whether she will be ready to shoot a movie upon release, and will likely face mandatory drug tests. That was why she decided not to take the role with Kiera Knightley that went to Sienna Miller - it had nothing to do with lesbian love scenes, as was rumored.