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Courtney Love Rocks The Ano Look. It's Safe To Say She's Not Spending Her Money On Food. 16.Jul.2007

I'm sorry, folks, but this is just guh-ross.

Bag o' bones, hold the fries

I think the heaviest part of her body is her lips. Her arms and legs look like toothpicks. What's up with our favorite little pig slut sell your dead husband's picture for lunchboxes piece of flotsam? I doubt she's doing drugs again - Courtney always did go down in a ball of flame, and it's just not like her to waste away quietly.

Or maybe not so quietly. She's been making light of the whole speculation over her current state of emaciation, making cracks during performance. But really, this is alarming.

More troubling still, is Courtney sick? She did once lead a very high-risk lifestyle. What a tragedy that would be for her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Like she hasn't been through enough already.