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Tiger Woods' Mea Culpa: He Could Be President With Speechwriters Like That 19.Feb.2010

Still in the dog, er, outhouseHe was long on remorse but short on Elin, as the estranged Mrs. chose to remain out of sight for her husband's long-awaited press conference. She has reportedly adopted a wait-and-see attitude about the whole mess; I would've preferred to lock-and-load myself. After the press conference, at which no questions were permitted, Tiger went back to their marital home, but he's said to be returning to rehab for further treatment. I guess he hasn't learned how to tie it in a knot yet.

Whoever wrote Tiger's script was fluent in the art of spin. He touched on all the hot spots - how he let his family down, how he failed as a role model to young people, even admitting that he had a sense of entitlement and that he was above the rules. If it was sincere, it was definitely a good step in his therapy, but I keep thinking of all the lying and cheating this guy was doing, and I find it hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Does Elin? I dunno - she's got a huge financial incentive to keep appearances up, but if he messes up again I don't think that will matter much. I think Tiger wants to put this all behind him and go back to being golf's golden boy. Whether that means he also returns to his manwhoring ways remains to be seen.