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Mother Of The Year Britney Spears Creates Amber Alert Situation At Los Angeles School 24.Jan.2008

Not ready for day careAt least she didn't speak with a phony British accent. From witness reports, however, she wasn't terribly coherent. Maybe she's just practicing for the future.

Whatever her reason (or lack thereof), a "scantily-clad" Britney showed up at an LA elementary school around dismissal time on January 7, and spent ten minutes sitting in her car, smoking and talking to herself. When the witness asked if she was OK, a "rambling and confused" Britney said she was there to pick up her kids, then changed her mind and said she was picking up her lawyer's kids.

Her presence caused a commotion and scared some of the kids, so they directed her away from the main entrance - they probably didn't want to risk her snatching a kid or running them down with her car. She tried to make friends with the witness, then drove off alone. The witness said, ? All I could think was, Who in their right mind would let her pick up their kids? ? I hope schools in the area have tightened security.