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Bad Teacher Looks Pretty Darn Funny!!! 24.Feb.2011

Bad TeacherPlus it looks like Cameron Diaz ends up with Jason Segal and not Justin Timberlake (her real life ex-boyfriend) which is refreshing. The movie looks flat out funny led by Cameron Diaz in a very non-Cameron Diaz role as a foul-mouthed bitch who doesn't give a damn about her job or anyone. In walks Justin Timberlake (God his voice is nasal) as an eager substitute who Cameron decides she must have but it turns out he only likes big jugs. Now Cameron is gorgeous (and in ridiculously good shape as made evident by the recent pictures of her working out with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Did you see those guns? !) but she doesn't have the biggest boobs. Now in real life this wouldn't matter because she looks like Cameron Diaz but for the film's sake she decides she must win some sort of teacher contest to get extra money so she can get the boob job and well hilarity ensues. And then the lovable Jason Segal pops up as a slobby gym teacher who may just end up being the guy she needs. Plus kids get hit in the face with balls. As long as it is better than like her last three films it will be considered a success. Of course her last three films were Knight & Day, My Sister's Keeper and Green Hornet so the bar isn't high.