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Curry Fried Chicken And Nipped Dough Balls: Britney Swept Off Her Feet By Bollywood Choreographer 30.Dec.2008

SandipI hope this is for real. We keep hearing little whispers about her dating her bodyguard, or maybe some waiter dude. Her father and manager were trying to set her up with Benji Madden. Of course that might change based on what his ex-girlfriend was wearing on her lip yesterday. He's damaged goods now. Throughout all the interviews and appearances Britney has done, one sentiment that keeps resurfacing time after time, no matter how many pills they make her take: she's lonely. Maybe that's changed now.

According to The Mirror Britney is dating the Indian choreographer of her Womanizer video. His name is Sandip (rhymes with Fun Dip? ) and he's a big star in his native country. He must have made a good impression on Papa Spears - he let Britney visit Sandip in India for three days for the holidays. Will Britney's new love last? It's hard to say, but it would be nice if he taught her a few new moves. That step, spin, arm wave thing is getting really tired.