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Joe Francis, Douche Of The Decade: They Said It In Court So It Must Be True 07.Sep.2010

Wish you would, loserWow, this Ryan Simkin, former Girls Gone Wild employee, must really, really hate Joe Francis' guts. Not that anybody actually likes the little f**ktard, but Simkin takes it to new heights - and he does it in legal papers filed today in LA.

The lawsuit is actually being brought against Francis by 4th Street Media, who is trying to publish Ryan's allegedly explosive tell-all about life in Joe the Jizz Queen's tawdry "empire". Francis is doing his best to quash publication of "FLASH! Bars, Boobs, and Busted: 5 Years on the Road with Girls Gone Wild." I find it somewhat ironic that the slimy piece of shit who became a millionaire feeding drugs and alcohol to underage girls, talking them out of their clothes and then filming it would take offense, but whatever. How quickly things change when the exploiter becomes the exploited.

There's no word on whether Francis will in fact be able to prevent the publication of this book, or whether it's even worth reading, but some of the quotes from the lawsuit are truly priceless. 4th Street's lawyers wasted no time calling Francis out for the scumbag that he is. Among other things, Francis is described as: "Convicted felon; child molester; jail-baiting pervert; pimp; sick bastard; sleaze-peddler; tax cheat; rapist; sleazehole; the epitome of a true misogynist, coked-out amoral direct marketer; violent thug; juvenile smut-peddler; sexual predator; one of the 50 most loathsome people in America; and the Douche of the Decade." Ha HA! Wonder what Joe's "fiancee" thinks of all this. Ah, never mind; she's probably on the payroll, too. Nobody in their right mind would ride shit like that for free.