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Mischa Barton Has Bad Trip At Friend's Party, Wins Free Ride In Ambulance And Night's Stay With Complimentary Detox 28.May.2007

Antibiotics and booze, my eye! Doctors tell people not to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics simply because it renders the antibiotic ineffective. That's it. If it was anything more serious, hundreds of thousands of people would be freaking out poolside each year, rolling around on the floor, screaming that they're going to die - because that's what Mischa did. Got a bump? Don't let the calm expression fool you. Mischa was blind drunk in this picture. Saturday night was a whole different story. Mischa and her buddy, Nicole Richie, threw a party in Beverly Hills, complete with a wide variety of narcotics. Mischa Barton is without a doubt a fixture at such events, a well-dressed gnat consuming many times her weight in drugs and alcohol. Yet she always seemed to keep herself upright, if not decently clothed. On Saturday night, Mischa's luck finally ran out, and she crossed the line from user to abuser.

Mischa had a meltdown poolside at a Beverly Hills mansion, screaming that she was going to die. While her publicist claims it was a reaction from mixing booze and antibiotics, witnesses say she ate too many mushrooms on top of too many lines of coke, and girlfriend simply lost it. The gangly-limbed freak was removed from the premises by stretcher, and spent the night resting comfortably in a local hospital.

I don't want to hear from the publicist. Where are her parents? She does have at least one, right? They sent her little sister to rehab last year, only to see pictures of Mischa plastered all over the Internet smoking a joint behind the wheel days later. Are her parents managing her career (i.e., taking her money), too?