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Did Kate Hudson Get A Boob Job Because A-rod Made Fun Of Her Boy Chest? Talk About Insecure 18.Apr.2010

Kate before & afterHmm, it's hard to tell in these photos. To me it looks like either a good push-up bra or maybe a few extra pounds. Then again, I can't imagine the little maneater slacking off at the gym - she worked too hard to lose the 60 or pounds she gained during her pregnancy with Ryder. Kate has always said she's happy being a flat-chested woman; what could have changed her mind?

The one and only Ass-Rod, that's who, if you listen to the reports. A-Rod reportedly teased Kate about her little boy chest, even going so far as to call her "Flatsy". I love it when the British tabloids attribute a decidedly British expression on a decidedly uncultured and untraveled American. I could see him calling her a bitch, a ho, a serial cock-napper even, but "Flatsy"? Get the f**k outta here.

Seriously, if this story is true, it's really too bad. I wouldn't think Kate was a girl who let a man get under her skin that way, but everyone has their sore point, and having tits like an eight-year-old boy must be Kate's. Even so, if she did get them done she didn't add much; I'd guess she's a B or C cup now based on the picture to the right. She looks good, but it's a shame she went under the knife because of a guy who isn't even around anymore.