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Did Tameka Cheat On Usher? He Sure Seems To Think So 30.Jun.2009

I knew she was troubleWow. It sounds like Tameka's perfect little world is just blowing up all around her. She had to know her days were numbered when he rehired his mother after his last album went nowhere. (In this case, Mama really does know best.) Then there was the whole shady plastic surgery thing, where she snuck off to get a tummy tuck too soon after having their second son and ended up almost dying. It was said that he didn't even know where she was and what she was doing.

Apparently there are some serious trust issues with these two, because this week's Enquirer had a fascinating little tidbit about Usher demanding a DNA test for Naviyd, who's now about six months old. He's said to be suspicious about the paternity of the child since they were only together one night during the period in question. Tameka isn't taking this lying down, though. She denies being unfaithful and claims he was the one steppin' out.

This one's gonna be nasty, folks. You've got two people who should have never gotten married. One is a talented performer whose career has temporarily stalled, possibly due to the efforts of the other party, who has long been called a gold digger and has no decent career prospects if she's banished from Team Usher. They're sure to battle for every last penny of whatever he's managed to sock away. Just how much she gets could well depend on a blood test.