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Arnold Klein Needs To Make Up His Mind: Putting His Dibs On The Jackson Kids 19.Jul.2009

The golden ticketsI'd really love to see exactly how much money Dr. Klein has made from Michael Jackson over the years. Does he even have any other clients? Besides Elizabeth Taylor, that is. (I'm not going there, but seriously, who else could Jacko have learned how to feed his habit than from friends like Liz and Liza? )

When the news of Michael's death first broke, Dr. Klein tried to take a big step backwards, claiming to have only treated Michael for a few minor skin ailments and his Pepsi-induced scalp burns. Turns out that the doc was a bit more generous, doling out pills like Madge and her B-12 shots. And now Dr. Klein is claiming to have doled out a lot more than that. According to the Daily Mirror, Klein says he's the father of Paris and Prince Michael after all and can prove it. I guess he's been talking to Debbie Rowe, and they're looking to cash in. Again.

Why shouldn't they? Everyone else sure is, from his parasitic brothers to the cleaning lady to people who may or may not have worked on The Wiz or the Thriller tour all those years ago. It seems that only Janet and Katherine are smart enough to keep their mouths shut, but the others may be slowly catching on. The latest family movement is for everyone to gang up on Papa Joe to keep him away from the golden tickets, I mean, kids. Next week they'll probably be suing each other, but at least they're trying to work together for now.