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Hey, Look! They Found Scott Storch, Arrested And Charged With Grand Theft Auto 15.Apr.2009

Put a bag over that. Quickly.Wow. Someone looks like smashed assholes, doesn't he? No wonder he used to wear those big sunglasses all the time. He looks like a naked mole rat.

We first noticed Storch was missing last summer, when we first reported on his apparent skip on financial obligations. His mansion was foreclosed. His yacht was sold for pennies on the dollar. What wasn't repossessed was probably stolen by his equally busted-up buddy, Greasy Bear Davis, and he's been driving a leased Bentley he was supposed to return seven months ago.

It was that car that got Storch where he is today: the little douche nozzle pleaded not guilty to grand theft auto in a Broward County courtroom last Friday. His attorney claims it was a civil matter and should never have been brought up on criminal charges, but Scott himself is probably relieved, as now he has a place to sleep, free food and more shower buddies than he can shake a stick at. Not that he has one, mind you. That was repo'ed, too.