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Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Another Apatowian Miracle! 27.Mar.2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall posterYes. They have made another one with the usual cast of characters except this time it is Jason Segel's turn to be the protagonist hapless schmuck. You may have the noticed the weird ads (in the subway if you live in New York) that says in cryptic black writing "My mom never liked you Sarah Marshall" or "You so did look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall. Clever right? ) But Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd will all be there of course. The only one missing is Seth Rogen but as we know from the Oscars Seth and Jonah Hill look exactly like. The title character, Sarah Marshall, is played by the always perky Kristen Bell but she is not the real love interest (thank god) she is only the ex that is driving Jason Segel crazy. Instead, Mila Kunis decided even though That 70's Show ended she still had a few good years left in her. However, I will say I almost didn't recognize her in the trailer. Though I guess I should keep in mind that she was only 14 when that show started while the rest of the cast was like 22. Mila Kunis