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Not Dead Yet: Patrick Swayze Debunks Death Rumors With Large Black Stetson 20.May.2009

I'm still here, bitchesAnd large white teeth. Patrick was never a shit-eatin' grin kinda guy; he was always more of a smoldering, intense approach. But still, it's a nice picture of Patrick and Lisa, and it's good to see him still kicking.

Some doofus at a radio station in Florida reported that Swayze had passed on - without being responsible enough to verify the truth first. The rumor quickly passed to the web, and within hours it was all over the world. Patrick has been battling pancreatic cancer for over a year now; had his time finally come?

Patrick's rep released a statement saying Patrick "is alive, well and is enjoying his life and he continues to respond to treatment." I hope so. In the meantime, it would be nice if folks would just back off and let them be ... especially if they can't get the story right to begin with.