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What A Dope: Megan Fox Thinks She's Too Good For James Bond, Daniel Craig Breathes Sigh Of Relief 23.Jul.2009

Not even closeAnybody can do a movie like Transformers - all you need is a decent rack and a few yards of latex. Hell, these days, you don't even need real boobs - they can stuff a few cutlets in there and you're good to go. A summer blockbuster based on a cartoon does not a good actress make.

Angelina knows it. When someone mentioned the Fox broad to her, she got all Hollywood snooty: "I'm not familiar with her work; is she an Oscar contender? " BURN!

And now she who cannot open her mouth without saying something stupid has done it again. Megan Fox has allegedly turned down a role in the next Bond film. How any red-blooded woman could turn down a chance to have that hot body pressed up against her is beyond me. Especially someone who claims to like her men aged like a fine wine. If she likes guys like Shia LaBoeuf and Brian Austin Green her taste runs more toward Asti Spumante than Dom Perignon. Remember, kids: There is no such thing as a budget Jolie. There is only the trashy poseur who's nothing but a hag in the making.