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Bai Ling Says Wrong Boyfriend Took Her Sad Sun Smile 17.Feb.2008

No Photoshop, I look differentOr something like that, and the heartbreak sent her down the road to a life of crime. Bai went from red carpet darling to petty criminal when she got popped for stealing two tabloid rags and a package of batteries. No one knows if the items were to be used in conjunction somehow.

Since her release the usually effervescent Bai has been a regular stick in the mud, dressing almost normally and avoiding paparazzi hotspots. She told E! News that dealing with the "huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine's Day" made her "emotionally crazy". I understand, Bai. I always go out and steal a couple of magazines and a pack of batteries when I get dumped before a holiday by a cheapwad.

Bai posted a few more entries in her blog after her roller coaster ride through the criminal justice system, and it's obvious to everyone who knows her that the incident has left its mark. "Life is a sad song sometime but still sings the beauty for their loved ones..." Wow. That's deep.