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Do Brad And Angie Have Twins On The Way? Shiloh Needed Little Blobs To Play With 24.Jan.2008

Demonstrating their techniqueI hope this is true. According to Star Magazine, Brad and Angelina found out she's carrying twins last week. That explains her sudden (and much needed) weight gain. Expect to see Jennifer Aniston flailing about on a beach somewhere with some guy in the next week or so. It's not a coincidence. It never is with Huvane.

If the twins are real, that would make six children for the Jolie-Pitts under the age of five. It's a good thing they're so rich and can afford the help, although I get the feeling they're a bit more hands-on than it appears. I can't imagine Angelina being the kind of mother whose kids call the nanny "mommy".

Brad, of course, must be thrilled, although he looks like he could use a three-week nap lately. Angie has him well-trained: Brad does morning duty with the kids while she sleeps in. Gee, making babies with one of the world's sexiest men, international travel, luxurious accommodations ... I'd say she's done pretty well for herself.