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Serial Miller Image Rehab: I Was A Gullible Slut, Don't Want To Be Naked Anymore 14.Jun.2009

Won't live this down anytime soonOh, Sienna, you dumb bunny. What did you think would happen when you cavorted topless with a very married man in a very public place? In some of those topless pictures your mother was even there. Does that mean your mum was "naive and gullible", too? My mother would have smacked the shit out of me and told me to put my top back on.

Now that she and Balthazar Getty seem to finally be over (at least for now), Sienna is desperate to rehab her image, which took a pummeling throughout their scandalous affair. She's still getting steady movie work, but her year as the other woman has certainly tarnished her little star: It was whispered that the real reason she was booted from Sherwood was not because Russell was too fat and old, but because his wife didn't want that tramp anywhere near her old gladiator. Can't blame her, either.

Sienna is the cover girl for July's Vogue, where she talks about how she's never been on a real date; apparently she just hooks up and moves in. Hey, whatever works for you. She admits that she's now in therapy, where she'll hopefully learn how to get a man while remaining fully clothed and upright. Maybe she'll also learn how to show a little remorse for her shameless homewrecking, too. Maybe.