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Prettyboring Christmas Edition: Some Will Have More White Stuff Than Others 24.Dec.2008

Hark!I wonder which list Santa put Pamela on - Naughty? Nice? Badly Used And Quickly Discarded? Or maybe he's got a special list for those girls who are willing to work off their offenses; all those bucks are just too much for Mrs. Claus these days, and it's important to keep reindeer morale high during the holiday season. We can't have any presents delayed or lost in transit.

But let's not single out Pammie for her love of powder slopes. She's not alone. She's just more obvious than most. She's also been at it a lot longer than most, with predictable effects on her looks. Girlfriend's looking worn out. Seriously.

Someone needs to give Pam a talking-to. Champagne and blow are like so 80s. So is running around without any pants on. But you can only get away with that for so long. Sooner or later a person's gotta pull up their pants and get straight. It's easy to forget that Pam's a mother; what must her sons think of their mom getting wrecked and habitually exposing herself?