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Britney Spears, Fat Blaster: What Happens In Vegas Ends Up In The Daily Mail 14.Nov.2007

Speed? What speed? Or equivalent British tabloid, which will replace the "y'all's" in insider quotes with proper British pronouns. Of course, we all know the reason we keep seeing Britney stories in the UK tabloids is because they pay more, and Camp Federline is all about getting the best price for their trash tales.

This week's Daily Mail has the real reason why Britney went to Las Vegas for the weekend. It wasn't to look at real estate, although I'm sure she did. Britney reportedly went back to the LipoDissolve Clinic for more blasting on her ass and thighs. Apparently she wants to look her best when she goes back to court this week to explain why amphetamine was found in her system, and why she drove through a red light at a busy intersection with her sons in the car.