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Tori Spelling Pitches A Bitch When Denied Entry To Fashion Show, Gallops Past Security 21.Feb.2009

Are you kidding me? "Don't you know who I am? "

Tori Spelling has lost a lot of weight since she gave birth to Stella a year ago - too much, actually. She looks even more horse-like than ever. And when is she going to fix that busted up boob job? It's got dings! Maybe that's why security at Christian Siriano's show wouldn't let her in the door. They didn't know who the f**k she was.

Well, as you can see from the photo, Tori promptly lost her shit. She made such a ruckus that she drew a crowd which, luckily for her, included one of the show's organizers, who quickly ran up to the door and waved a big, juicy carrot under her nose. With a snort and a whinny, Tori bolted the grooms and leaped over the corral gate. The little filly settled right down when they led her to her first row stall, er, I mean, seat. Sigh. I guess some rich kids never grow up. That Dean sure is a lucky guy.