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Oj Simpson Has Rage In Family Machine. Who Knew Christie Was Still Alive? 27.Aug.2008

That was for MamaI mean, really. Since hooking up with OJ at his murder trial, Christie has cracked her head in a gas station, had her upper body hurled through a windshield, broken bones ... he even kidnapped her, according to her mother, only to release her when the cops were on the way. And still this dirtbag walks the streets, living high on his football pension.

Meanwhile, his first wife has been forced to get a job at Walmart to make ends meet because OJ refuses to pay her any support. Their daughter, Arnelle, who stood by her father during his trial but has since steadily grown apart. Their estrangement came to a violent head on August 24th, when Arnelle attacked both OJ and Christie, shoving her father into a glass cabinet, where he got cut up and all bloody and shit. Arnelle panicked and called 911 but hung up when operators answered. Police were sent to OJ's house and a report was filed, but he declined to press any charges.

Maybe he's just working on a way to paint her as the mysterious intruder who killed his ex-wife and her friend.