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Heather Mills Tells Paul To Pay Her $100 Million Or She'll Beat His Old Ass Down 18.Oct.2007

Should've listened to StellaShe looks crazy enough to do it, doesn't she? I can just see her whipping off that prosthetic leg and cracking him a shot upside his head.

She's even given him a deadline by which to do so - Friday. Oh, dear, that's tomorrow. Will music legend Paul McCartney die at the hands of his batshit-crazy former wife before high tea? Hmmm, not likely ... but I hope he's changed his life insurance policies already.

According to inside reports, Heather thinks she's got the upper hand again, delusional lunatic that she is. She's already made out quite well, but says she's got to think about her financial security. That's because she'll never be able to get a job again - even PETA has distanced themselves from the one-legged shrew. They stood to lose significant donations from Paul and his friends if they continued to use her as a spokesperson and activist.

While I feel bad for Paul - I'm sure he wishes he never met her - my heart goes out to their daughter, Beatrice, who's now 3. What a wretched example her mother is setting for her.