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Fed Up With Ratty Extensions, Jessica Simpson Lashes Out Again, Sending Paves To Hospital 03.Nov.2008

She may be dumb, but she ain't daintyHave you noticed? The closer her sister Ashlee gets to her due date, the more violent Jessica gets.

Just two weeks ago Yoko sidelined her Romo by snapping his little finger. At first she felt guilty, but it made him so quiet and well-behaved! Although it really hurt, Jessica tried to think for a few seconds. It was harder than the commercials, though, and it made her so hungry.

She called her best friend, Ken, and asked him to take her out to dinner. The meal was fine, but when the waiter brought the check Ken pretended he had forgotten his wallet. Again. She paid the bill, but walked him into a door on the way out as punishment.

Maybe it's her own hormones making Jessica nutty. She certainly seems more ... rounded in this picture. Could she have finally roped herself a little Cowboy?