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Freak Of The Week: Wtf Happened To Courtney Love? Nosferatu Is Not Sexy. 14.Sep.2007

If you're going to go out right after getting your lips plumped, remember to keep your lipstick fresh to hide the needle marks.

Will eat live kittens

Is Courtney off the wagon? She usually only looks like a used wetnap after she's been on a tear. If she is it would be a shame; she's been clean for a long time. And what is UP with those freaky contacts? Did she get them from Marilyn Manson or Paris Hilton?

Courtney should really break down and hire a stylist. When she went through her brief ano phase I thought she had hooked up with Rachel Zoe, who generally isn't happy until her clients experience cardiac arrhythmia, but Courtney assured us all it was because she was on an Ensure kick. She looks like she started regaining her weight though, so I guess the Immodium finally kicked in.

Maybe all this is a disguise so that Sharon Osborne won't find her. Sharon is said to hate Courtney because she introduced Jack to Oxycontin at the tender age of 15. She doesn't mention the fact that this "grown mother", as she calls her, more than likely also bedded her underage son while she turned him on to hillbilly heroin, but I'm sure the thought has crossed her mind. Courtney better work on that disguise - it's still too fugly to be anyone else. Even Nosferatu.