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Mischa Barton's Phone Is Not Ringing. Suddenly Those Nude Roles Aren't So Bad 18.Dec.2007

Don't botherAmazing how someone with one hit show will say they'll never stoop to nude roles because they're a professional, then change their minds once the offers stop coming in.

How do you handle being a has-been before reaching the age of 22? Mischa could probably ask Lindsay, but she's too busy loading up water bottles with vodka and selling pictures of herself. She could ask her former castmates, but none of them will speak to her. She could try the old nip slip, but she's done that so many times it's not news anymore. And forget about flashing her growler - that would mean showing the world her pasty cottage-cheesed thighs again. Ewww.

No, Mischa has decided to eat her words, probably because that's all that's left in the fridge. "I don't mind nudity. I just don't do it that often," said Batface, claiming it depends on whether she trusts the director and if "the context is emotional or just sexual." All this from a girl who banged both Brandon Davis and Cisco Adler. Such scruples. I give her three months and she'll be doing the reality show circuit with Gary Coleman.